Team Butt Ice Fight Song

Team Butt Ice and The Nadas

Oh we will drink, drink, drink for Team Butt Ice,
and may the beer ever flow

Oh we will drink, drink, drink for Team Butt Ice,
until we have to go….
to the KYBO

Loyal friends forever true,
we will drink that keg through

and when we hit that bar,
we’ll hit it hard (all night long)
for Team Butt Ice

Butt Ice “Leadership”

Lt. Dan ( a.k.a. ElTee or Señor Sanchez) and Captain Web founded Team Butt Ice with Dr. Dave during a brief lapse in judgement on a very hot and very late Iowa evening in 1995. The remnants of the Iowa State University Mountain Bike Team slowly transitioned to “Bicyclists United to Travel Iowa’s Cycling Experience” and became a family of cycling enthusiasts with a passion for very cold cheap (preferably free) beer.

The Team

RAGBRAI Team Butt Ice - Ottumwa, IA

Team Butt Ice passionately embarks on their spiritual pilgrimage across the great state of Iowa every July. They are the keepers of the ancient rules of Butt Ice.

The Rules:

#1: Never Pass Free Beer.

#2: Jail Sucks!

#3: No Regrets.