Gravel Day: There is no denying riders who enjoy gravel riding, RAGBRAI is again offering an optional gravel day. This 70-mile route will take riders through the town of Alden, Iowa. Patches will be handed out in Alden from Noon-5 p.m. (registered riders only). This optional route is only recommended for those who truly want a taste of Iowa gravel, 28 mm or wider tires only please.

Jim Green Day: RAGBRAI XLVIII is in memory of Jim “Greenie” Green, RAGBRAI ride director from 1991-2004. On this day, we honor Greenie’s outgoing personality, passion for Iowa communities and celebrate the energy he brought to RAGBRAI. Wear your “The Grass is Always Greenie” shirt available at the RAGBRAI merchandise trailers. All profits from the sale of this shirt go to the Dream Team, co-founded by Greenie.

Click to download pdf of Tuesday’s Map

TUESDAY – JULY 27, 2021

TownsMilesService Times
Fort Dodge
Duncombe1212:30 PM
(Optional) Gravel Loop Aid Station 1(11)11:30 AM
Webster City82:15 PM
Blairsburg94:00 PM
(Optional) Gravel Loop Aid Station 2(24)3:00 PM
Williams6(2 miles south)
(Optional) Gravel Loop Aid Station 3(13)5:00 PM
Alden115:15 PM
Iowa Falls56:00 PM

The route (towns and roads) is subject to change.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]